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It doesn’t get more natural than being in the pristine location of the Western Egyptian Desert in the Sahara with the highly oxygenated air of the enchanting Siwa Oasis.

Could it be the same oasis as that described in the “The Alchemist” by the Guinness world record author, Paolo Cohelo?

Monika says “I followed the path of the Alchemist. It was in the Siwa oasis that I finally found the key missing link which I didn’t even know existed but I had always been subconsciously yearning for. It was in the Siwa oasis that all the different pieces of my life became one and I became whole. There were so many factors which may have contributed to this life changing event and opening but I can’t really explain how it actually happened. The magical and nurturing environment made it possible for me to weave all the different strands of my life together. I experienced the journey of a lifetime and began deeper exploration. During the several weeks I spent in the oasis, I explored the cultural, historical and environmental aspects of life in one of the most remote and conservative locations of Egypt. I connected with men and women living in the tribal communities. I took part in cultural and religious ceremonies including fasting and praying during Ramadan. Originally from Poland and based in London, I have now redirected the course of my professional life towards explorative research and writing. My earlier travels were focused on intensive meditation at the sacred sites. Over the course of several months my numerous journeys expanded into meeting charity organisations, political officials. I was even followed by government spies! I traveled thousands of kilometres across the country from the Mediterranean in the north to Aswan in the South. From the Western Desert near the Libyan border to Sinai and the Eastern desert on the Deep South of the Red Sea.

In all, I have spent 55 weeks in Egypt, 33 of which I spent as a solo traveller clocking up dozens thousands of kilometres of experience, witnessing several full moons, in various locations. I attended 4 newly discovered alignments, 4 different festivals, sailed the River Nile, did Yoga in magical locations and experienced the secret treasures of ancient tombs and temples.

What’s so special about traveling to the oasis and the desert?

I believe that the book by Paolo Cohelo carries an important message so relevant for our times.

The desert provides a unique opportunity to bring us to the state of Equilibrium do necessary to realise our true nature. “

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