True Love & Inter-dimentional Love. Insights from personal Love journey.

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My Love quests and journey continues. I explore, deepen and choose to deepen my understanding of Love as a Human being and as a connector to other dimensions of the Universe.

True Love exists abundantly and is available to all Humans. Love is a choice. It is a choice of Humanity to become the Race of Love. Each individual makes that choice in every moment and collectively we are co-cretaing the timelines of love.

I often experience profound insights and touch of Love from the Universe. It has not always been the case.

Love from other dimensions was a first conscious reconnection of my Human self to Love.

In my very first healing session several years ago I was asked to connect with Love. While in a healing trance, I was searching for a long time. The only Love connection I could relate to was Love from the Tree.

In later healing sessions I experienced profound breakthroughs about Love. At times I searched for them, at times they arrived unexpected. Numerous times I was showered with beautiful Love Awareness, Deep Knowing and expanding Heart Opening. I felt the bliss from other realms and layer by layer I have been learning how to bring it here to the physical dimension on Earth. I felt the touch of Love from Lady Gaia and her Love for Humans. I journeyed on the back of the Dragon of Love to meet the Dragon Queen of all Dragons to receive the transmission of Love for Gaia. I was touched profoundly by the Beauty and Love of Lady D which opened my heart, healed and allowed to feel Love of another Human. I felt Love from a Desert Wind. I felt Love at the Ancient Temples of Egypt. I was initiated to Love breakthroughs in Siwa Oasis at the Oracle Temple and at other power nature sites of Egypt. Some happened spontaneously, some through dedicated vision quests. I set on the numerous Peace and Love quests around Egypt during the upheaval times in the country. I experienced bliss on the Nile, Red Sea, Mediterranean and in Sinai Mountains.

Egypt is the Land of Love where Earth simply radiates for anyone to feel the truth of our human existence and its Purpose. Love is the true Power Force of life on Earth. Love changes everything and everyone.

Slowly but surely I learnt to Love Humans too. They have been the biggest challenge. It was easier with experience Egyptians. Egyptian Families have so much Love. It is a Love based on dignity and highest form of respect I encountered in my 38 years ofd life on Earth. In 50 000 km of travels around Egypt I have found Love in people, temples, stars, desert dunes, mountain rocks, sacred waters of the seas and Nile river.

Love in other dimensions is much easier than on Earth. The Universe is based on the frequency of Love. That is the least it is. And The Universe is sharing this Love abundantly. Can you feel it? All you need to do is choose, reach, request, intent, open, allow, surrender…

Although it might be a challenge to start with, we can all expand our connection with the Universe an thus Love.

Whether you act or wait, dance or pray Love is making the way for you to feel yourself in a different new way, the way of Love.

Do you live the life of Love?

Do you live the life of Love?

If you have not found your way yet, it is my duty to share that the Quantum Hypnosis and Channeling have been two most opening tools in my journey to heal and open pathways to experience Love of the Universe. I invite you to answer the call of your Heart and explore that path of Love.

I dedicate this post to planet Earth, the Earth of Love.

With Love
Monika Sleszynska

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