The Goddess Joy – Touch Your Heart Through The Ancient Ground

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My heart opened to Joy in the Temple of Hathor

My soul was whisked by the sand grains of a desert bliss

The Goddess Joy – Touch your Heart through the Ancient ground

I was touched by Goddess Joy and felt Love was very possible for all
In experience of eternal youth the secret keys were coming through

I felt and bathed
I touched to catch the unbelievable creation match
Something between the eyes was whispering the Ancient Dance

The truth of the Nouveau
The knowing of the calling

The hidden ways playing to reveal the Ancient selves
We all feel the longing dear

Within the deepest chambers of your heart rests knowing brave to open the accurate chart
All you can know and all you can be is already with you until you see

I am calling you now to open the doors of your deepest inner Heart
To bring the chart of your dearest dreams alive into visions of the now

I am playing into your resisting ear until you hear this message clear my dear
For I know that deep inside I am touching something well alive

The utmost sparkling you dreams within you
And has been brewing surprises few

The new is in you
The new is the true

Come and hear
Touch and clear

The dusts of the past
Let them now be a blast
Blast the past!

Leave behind all unkind
For the better of the Human Kind

The new is in you
The new whispers the true

Inspire to transpire
Raise the deepest Heart’s desire

Into brightness everlasting
Into dancing twist and trusting

The Ancient Way gave me Wings to find myself
The Temples grand showered from the sky to the ground

I felt the true would bring dreams new
The fewer days gave longer stays and then magician showed the secret trace

Another Race for Human Ways to become the Ancient Self filled with true another way
The way of Love, the way of truth, the way for many to birth the Nouveau

It is here
It is real

Be and feel
Love my dear.

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