The Call of the Blue Moon

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Why I do what I do?
My extensive travels across Egypt resulted in living life where I let the Heart be my guide. I follow signs and omens as if in the book “The Alchemist”. Often the call comes unannounced yet the call is the announcement itself.
It was the case with travelling to Egypt for the Blue Moon earlier this year. The quest did not disappoint me.
“The call of the Blue Moon”, London to Egypt January 2018.
Why is it that when you think you give it a good time there are de-lays and plays on the roads you could not predict or expect?
And when you plan to shorten your sleep deep and plan according to previous experience then you happen to arrive at the airport at the record fast speed and well ahead of time only to realise that you could have been just waking up in a warm bed and still made it?
While boarding a plane with the Super Full Moon Rise and taking off with the Sunrise I recognised the beauty and purpose of missing the late evening flight. To glimpse the glory of dawn between the Moon and Sun rising was one of the most auspicious occurrences.
It is all because of the Moon.
Couple of years ago I decided to align my travels to nature with the Full Moons.
Some people travel for the football games, some travel to hear opera in Verona, some travel for shopping, for friends and family, for business, for love…
“I travel for the Moons, Ancient Temples and Alignments so I can let my soul drink from the Dawns, Moons and Sunrises.
I listen to the Wind, I feel the Earth.
I hear the whispers from in between waving the dream’s space.
I follow it as if it was real because it is to me and therefore I let it be. I let it be my guide for future generation’s life.
Obediently I return where I feel at home in myself.
To know that space in oneself is the future of human race.
I pray that each and one can exist within that space to reach.
To push the resisting bridge of the old and let the fresh river of the new to unfold.
Could this Blue Super Full Moon be a revealing culmination of my discoveries residing deep within me? Or could it blind me?
Or could this current time allow to align?
To be a blessed conduit letting the new to caress.
I have no clue.
All I know is that I had to honour the call.
When I feel the Earth I know I ought to be at the place.
Then the game is on and the prize is a throne.”