Say Yes to Health In One Hour. Stop smoking with Hypnosis.

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So you want to stop smoking? Why hypnosis may be just what you are looking for…

So you want to quit? Good decision, you – that makes me happy. I was once a smoker myself. I had given up smoking on and off with mixed results but after just one session of hypnosis, the effect was instant and extraordinary. I have never looked back since. Or lit up…

What are the advantages of hypnosis as the method of choice to give up smoking?

• It will save you a lot of money!!!
• It is simple and instant
• It is 100% natural.
• You will get other health benefits including deep relaxation.

What are the benefits you can derive from a Stop Smoking in One Hour Hypnosis Therapy Session?

• An immediate result in 60 minutes
• No unpleasant withdrawal symptoms
• Loss of anxiety over not having cigarettes
• A more positive outlook on life as a result of good suggestions flowing into and accepted by the subconscious mind
• Increased energy levels and all over happiness
• No transfer to another addictive habit (like increased snacking) as the technique is designed in a way to eliminate addiction substitution
• No need for a course of appointments, long meetings, shopping for aids, patches, pills etc.
• Better health and enhanced brain performance.

You will acquire a new attitude and be recognised by others, maybe even become a role model, certainly a leader who will show that there is another way. And it works.
Smoking causes brain damage and leads to severe neurological damage. Therefore, the real choice for you is whether you become less or more intelligent.

It only takes one hour of your time when you choose the Stop Smoking in One Hour Hypnosis Therapy with Monika. Add your travel time for a session and know that one appointment is all what it takes. If you feel you want it, we can also schedule a 30- minute booster session by way of additional reinforcement.
No weekly meetings, no need to attend support groups and circles but if that appeals to you, you can still attend those. If the cigarettes were an avenue to socialise and they clearly are why not use the decision to quit as a new reason to socialise as well? Why not start a stop smoking with hypnosis club as a reason to get together and have fun?

Of the many methods available, is it important to choose one you feel comfortable with? Can an effort to quit smoking really be comfortable?

Yes, it can. I believe that anything in life can be a joy. How about feeling good about yourself that you have already made the decision to stop? Just imagine. It is that simple. Just smile at the thought that you have done it already.

It is a life changing decision, yes, it really is.

According to American research, the decision to stop smoking will extend your life. Non-smokers live on average 14 years more than non-smokers – that really matters. You may say the last few may not be a such a big deal and why live so long when you can live a shorter life to the full? Every day of life is a gift and we are talking of over 5,000 gift days here. Imagine if you had not had the last 14 years. What if it is likely to get even better? If you have kids, you will want to see them longer and see what they do with their life – what a joy to see that. And what if technology and medicine continues to progress? Maybe you could use those 14 years to travel around the world and even if you can’t, you can enjoy movies, music and maybe live in the sweet and fresh countryside. Or enjoy life in a bustling city. Those are the options you may have with an extra 14 years of life but if you don’t give up smoking, maybe you will die slowly from severe illnesses caused by years of inhaled toxins… think twice.

Choose health. Choose life. Choose happiness.
It only takes a moment to make a life changing decision. What do you choose?

Say Yes to health, life and happiness. Sign up now for Stop Smoking Therapy.


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