Reach your dream goals with Advanced Austin Hypnotherapy – the most elite therapy technique

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Do you want to welcome every day with ENTHUSIASM, INSPIRATION and PASSION?

Do you want to feel BEAUTIFUL, ADMIRED and RESPECTED?
Are you ready to allow more SPONTANEITY, FUSION, CELEBRATION and LOVE into your life?

Are you looking to expand your AWARENESS and raise your CONSCIOUSNESS?

CONGRATULATIONS. You have made the choice to EVOLVE.
Monika Sleszynska has been helping individuals to achieve their dream goals with permanent, long-term powerful solutions to their problems. Monika applies the highest standards of Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy – the fastest, most effective and proven therapy on the market, otherwise known as The Austin Technique. The world wide famous method  was devised by Valerie Austin, an internationally recognized expert in hypnotherapy and author of six bestselling hypnosis books ( Valerie Austin developed the highly successful Stop Smoking in One Hour hypnosis programme in 1989 (which was endorsed by Malaysian Government) helping thousands to stop smoking worldwide.

Monika is a part of Valerie’s small, elite team of approved Advanced Hypnotherapists. There is an answer to why Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy is so different and successful. You will experience proven techniques, not only this but the therapy is much shorter. Clients will need only 3-5 sessions to achieve the result. Very often after just three sessions the therapy is complete. Only in deeply complex cases higher number of sessions is required.
This unique advanced technique treats many conditions including stress, fears, phobias, weight loss, relationship issues, addictions, compulsions and performance nerves. Besides the standard applications of hypnotherapy Monika has successfully worked with very unusual cases. There is no time spent on extensive analyzing. The method reaches straight to the root of the problem and with quick and safe techniques for hypnotic induction and hypnotic regression (hypnoanalysis) allows the patient to access buried memories of past events and resolve current issues caused by these events. This certainly distinguishes the Advanced Hypnotherapy from other suggestion only hypnosis techniques which may require repeated visits over time.

The Austin Technique is a precisely designed sophisticated set of clear and safe tools to facilitate fast and lasting positive shifts.

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Here is what others say about their experience of hypnotherapy treatments with Monika and how they have benefited:
“Hello Monika. Just wanted to thank you again for our hypnosis sessions and everything you have done for me. I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that after our hypnosis session a couple of weeks ago, I entered the car competition on the same day shortly after and won a brand new Porsche Cayman S plus £10,000… I think that session and all the previous hypnosis sessions loosened up a lot of energies I had blocked up. I entered the competition for fun and on the spur of the moment because it felt good. I have been intending wealth as a desire for manifestation for a while now but only recently submerged myself in the law of attraction teachings and Abraham Hicks as well as other related spiritual stuff. I think the hypnosis was a catalyst that speeded up the manifestation. Anyway, this has been mind blowing for me because it is proof positive that the law of attraction is true. I have been visualizing a sports car for ages now and it came to effortlessly and in a completely unexpected way. I want I can share this successful manifestation to other people to give them hope. I am so grateful for being put on this path, the knowledge and understanding I have gained and the likeminded people I have met. Once again a very big thank you for everything. Looking forward to bigger and better manifestations Peace.” Bal. London, December 2015.
“A gentle word is stronger than a bulldozer and Monika’s gentle session did knock down and pulverize the mountains of fear that were blocking me to see this great, beautifully free – tomorrow. As I am gazing at the expanded horizons of my life, I can’t help but feel gratitude for Monika.”
Alberto, Therapist, London.

“I was amazed by the rapid changes that occurred. Areas of myself that I was not previously aware of came to light. Perception of myself and those I encounter has been expanded. The hypnosis can take you to a very deep level, at which not only can the unconscious be accessed, but also deeper aspects of the psyche. After a number of sessions, there was a perceptible shift that permanently changed my consciousness. Old patterns began to drop away and any slip back into the old patterns was soon spotted. It is difficult to think how long this may have
taken to achieve otherwise, if at all.” Matthew, Business Analyst, London
“Thanks for all your powerful therapy.
I would recommend Monika to others as being a very intuitive and inspiring therapist who has the capacity to make fast and powerful positive shifts. After 4 sessions I feel an amazing shift, I feel much more passionate and motivated to be all that I can be in life and my business. I feel much more able to be focused and less liable to fall into distractions and wasting time. Also I have had vastly reduced negative feelings such as shame and guilt, and generally feel stronger, more motivated and happy.” Sabbir Therapist & Life Coach, London.

“Having never been hypnotized before, I had some trepidation towards hypnotherapy, but Monika’s professional and caring manner soon put out the fires of doubt I had. She explained wonderfully the process and answered all the prelude questions I put to her.
We worked together once a week for over 6 weeks. I found the experience very interesting and benefited greatly personally and found some sweet moments of clarity for my professional path.
I felt the process of hypnotherapy offered a bird’s eye view of the reality of some situations, long past, that were perhaps tainted by an emotional recollection. Being able to “see” the circumstances, with the emotions somewhat bypassed, was useful in gaining perspective as yet unseen.
At one point I was talking to my “little” self, sitting under a tree as myself now, & letting myself know that I was not alone, everything would be alright and that I was loved. I found this moment touching & extremely beneficial in allowing a lasting sense of calm to permeate my world prior to sleeping, and since have found my sleep patterns very much improved. Quite extraordinary.
I would recommend without hesitation Monika’s method of working. It has gentle but far reaching affects, I am sure I have not seen the last of the results even though we have ended our sessions together.” Amanda, Holistic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

“My session was very enjoyable. I felt a genuine sense of calm and relaxation. My whole body experienced a dream type sense of freedom. I drifted into heavenly world. During my session I found it easy to talk about the sensation I was feeling and the effect the hypnosis had on my mentality. It is not often I have felt a genuine feeling of being at ease in my own body. When I woke up, I felt much calmer within my own body and generally speaking I felt, for the first time hugely comfortable in my mind, body and soul.
I would highly recommend hypnosis with Monika.” Jay, Student, London.


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