“Pray, Eat, Love during Ramadan Fast in Egypt”

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The Concept

A European woman joins Egyptian Moslems for the annual Ramadan fast (May 26-June 24) in different parts of the country — on the Nile, at the Siwa Oasis, in a Nubian village, on the Red Sea and Mediterranean coast, and in Alexandria and Cairo — to provide a unique outsider’s inside impression of this intriguing religious and spiritual ritual.

The entertaining and powerful portrayal of “Pray, Eat, Love in Egypt” illustrates daily life during the practice of Ramadan to present the cultural, ethnic, religious, spiritual and historical diversity of a country with the largest Muslim population in Africa (79 million).

The Execution
The author, a 36-year-old Polish hypnotist who has been visiting Egypt for two years and studying the local culture while on her own spiritual quest, will provide intimate details of the practices of Ramadan while providing insight into “normal” Egyptian people (including veiled women) and breathtaking landscapes. She will provide daily photos and, “Pray”, “Eat”, Love” anecdotes on her blog and various social media platforms to attract a following.

The Purpose
A presentation of the intrigue of Egypt and its culture through direct experience of a foreign women blending into the spiritual practices of Ramadan will provide a greater knowledge and understanding of Ramadan and the Moslem religion by exploring the depth of the practical and spiritual meaning of Ramadan and the power and purpose of religious fasting.

The Reporter/Presenter
Monika Sleszynska, who was raised as a Catholic in Warsaw and spent thirteen years in London, has travelled extensively across Egypt exploring different spiritual practices.
“Through visiting different parts of Egypt I have tapped into its historical heritage and cultural diversity through direct experience and miraculous hospitality,” she explains.”My first evening prayer of Ramadan in the mosque of Alexandria led me to seek a deep core understanding of Islam, Ramadan and the power of prayer with practitioners who have been doing the annual fast since childhood. I was deeply touched by the direct experience of the people and their energy and want to convey it to others.”

Who Cares?
The authentic experience of fasting by a non-Muslim woman with a neutral, non-religious approach will provide a unique view of Ramadan and fasting for both western and Moslem readers/viewers.

Contact Details
Telephone: U.K. +44 7475127102; Egypt: +20 111 49 16 991
Email: info@monikasleszynska.com
Website: www.monikasleszynska.com
Blog: http://blog.monikasleszynska.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monika.sleszynska https://m.facebook.com/prayeatloveinegypt/
Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/beauty_in_a_desert/

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