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Mind Experience & Mind levels

As we are undergoing the shift in consciousness some of the changes may feel unsettling but it does not have to be so. The change is inevitable and it is a good change.

Like with any change we are supposed to learn how to embrace it and what it means. There are some simple steps and mind rules, the good rules which we can follow as our minds want to become more majestic, more neutral, more balanced, more loving, more creative, more expressive, more caring.

Those states and abilities are easily, frequently and abundantly available. They are not reserved for the selected few enlightened ones. The states of enlightenment are attainable easier than ever.
What happened when the mind enters into higher states it is being reminded about different ways of being. With those different ways of being comes necessity to provide different type of nourishment, exercise and activity to sustain this level of mid therefore active life participation is highly advantageous.

The higher mind loves appreciation of beauty, connecting with art, engaging with creative activities, participating in charitable causes, giving out to community, showing care, sharing joy, starting new hobbies. All of those help to nourish the higher mind.

When you are able to maintain the higher mind, this is when things go well in life because mind loves to create and if you do not give it something positive, beneficial, harmonious then it will create anything.

The mind has its own engine to create but you have different directives inside and you have the power to send those directives for the mind to create in alignment with your highest good. This directives are called intentions and you can send send those intentions as often as you like. Setting intentions is like spreading a blanket of love and safety and balance and care. Setting intentions is like creative a soap bubble but a sustainable one. Inside those bubbles will be your experience. And when the experience is ready to born the intention will open this path and free the positive energy.

This is also why we need often intention setting to exercise those bubbles until they bring enough of positive experiences. Setting intention is not that new. It is like goal setting but now you know that you can go to that very deep space inside you, the space of love, balance, coherence, creativity and spread it as if we were blowing a golden star dust into our day ahead. And ahead into our night and another day and into another week and another week and month.

It is like blowing a good wind for the times ahead so the wind can carry your wishes. This way we spread a blanket of blessings in front of us so you can walk through the blessed ground for you an for many. When you put it in a daily plan within some time it becomes a blessing plan and it reaches into your life as if heavens arrived to the ground. If you want to live the heavenly life, you may well start to realize you have the power to bless the land and with this everything around.

Blessing is caressing
Caressing is a blessing
The magic in between
Is calling to be experienced within