Message to Humanity from the Desert

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From the top edge of the Dune, where the wind and the sky meet, cuddled by the blanket of the night.

“Why the Desert?”

The Desert brings silence to one’s soul, so one can see his soul in its fuller, wider spectrum, because, and this is very simple, there are no distractions, and that is of course when there are no individuals around. Then Desert provides this.

There is much more about that journey through the desert, and there are many stories shared in the books, ancient texts and references.

There are tombs and caves to be found in the Desert. What about temples? Temples themselves were built in the Desert.

It’s because the Ancient Civilisation knew what was forthcoming, and they were withdrawing. They knew that the conditions on Earth were not suitable any more, because these were getting too aggressive. The Ancients were in a space out of time, so they merely left this dimension. They withdrew from this dimension. But they have built and left in behind technologies for much to be accessed.

What is to be accessed? It’s the connection with that civilisation, which is vast. It is not just one civilisation. It’s a portal. It’s a gateway.

They simply withdrew knowing that Humanity would go through many, many cycles. So that civilisation is awaiting. Is awaiting for the signal. Is awaiting for Humanity to be ready. They are ready to assist and are assisting, but it is not just about the shift in Human Consciousness.

It is about the Earth transitioning. They are taking care of the procedures and the transition through the Universe, as this is a big event for the Universe. This is a big energy event for the Galaxy. It is like taking Earth from one place, putting it into a gentle, soft and warm blanket and taking it/moving it/delivering it to another place, bright and calmer. That is how vast this looks from their point of view but from the planet side and in Earth years, it involves many different processes.

There are other radical shifts and breakthrough points in lines, like cracks. Those are the marking points. They are marking the frequency the Earth is passing through. But it is not that coherent for Earth. They are looking on with great care, adjusting things and giving messages, which I am aware of, for Humanity, for Human Consciousness that are about the heart expansion, heart openings.

So those who open their hearts, they are able to receive those frequencies, shifts and information. And those who resist and retain a closed heart, they will shrink and shrink and shrink and struggle and just happen to stop to exist. That is just the law of the process, natural selection. Natural procedure. So the Age of Aquarius is a big Era, it is a big opening. It is a vast potential, and we are just at the edge of this threshold. Just like where we were standing at the edge of the dunes. That is just where Humanity is within the Aquarian age. But just as we can see here in this desert and mountains there are stone parts and the smooth parts, a mix of the sand and the stones. And this is exactly how the transition happens. So there were the solid rocks and a density, and then this disperses and divides after which there is a demarcation point, after which there is just pure sand. So there is a timeline for Humanity. There is a timing, and we are still in a transition. But this transition is pushing towards more changes, to becoming more light. So much will be disappearing, under the water, leaving no sign of existence.

So how to prepare best to receive those frequencies?

Once again, it is to keep the heart open, as it is an ongoing and fluid process. To be around those with open hearts, it is to be in nature, it is to be in silence, to hear. No one else will make that connection, as it will not come from the media. A least not yet and not until a dramatic shift happens. It is a silent shift in a way. But not so silent, because there is much Awareness in alternative media, but it is not the main stream shift, although even in the main stream media the messages are being delivered.

But it is sad that they are not on the daily news. They should be, as with a daily weather report. Energetic news, delivered daily, because this is what is happening. Earth is being sprinkled with projections of energies. And this affects the moods, the weather, the economy, but the news does not show it as such. The news focuses on what is dramatic in most cases. The news focuses on the darkness.

Why? Why it is so? Because they are last strings of ‘power over others’. But why do so many choose to follow it and be blind still?

There needs to be more who focus on the light, while we are approaching a stronger collective shift, but that is to be down to the individuals and groups and circles to withstand what is happening around and to deliver that Peace and Silence. But it’s not enough. There is need for more. There is need for more to come from Humanity, from Human hearts to reach, search and call for help. To call. This needs to be Humanity’s choice. The laws of the Universal that it can’t and it mustn’t interfere. But it will deliver for those who call. It will deliver for those who gather.


Travel is the fastest way to transform the individual by helping them to withdraw. It is not about the money and success any more. It’s about allowing the individual to withdraw from the busy modern technological world to realise and see the power of nature, the power of being solo and alone and the growth that happens in it.

It’s for Gaia. I call to gather.”

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