Manifesting the NEW WAY – Divine Transmission

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Divine transmission and energetic ascension update
16th March 2019
This is a reminder just about entering into things gently and with a gentleness.
This is actually how we recognise our light activities.
This sis how we are being reminded about the gentleness of the intention.
This is a reminder about moving gently and swiftly.
A corrected correct sense of urgency is ok yet it is important to know that whenever we are entering into the new way it is how we prepare into the new way.
Our movement becomes more prominent. We have promised something for you. We have promised something to you.
It is a time of truth where many things are being shown. And as they are being shown the light is being shone. As the things are being shown the light is being shone.
We are inviting for all the parts to shine bright. We are calling for all the parts to return to the light.
On the planet Earth may there be a Day where all is finding its way to the light obey.
For to be a light is a delight. To be of light is a delight.
To be the light, to see the light to be the light is delight.
The Ancient art is calling the part to depart.
The Ancient art is calling the part to depart.
There are many ways through the Ancient trails.
There are many ways through the Ancient trails.
There is always a trace to race.
There is always a trace igniting the race.
There is always the trace to ignite the human race.
Stay still for the future to become real.
Bringing the frequency of truth. Truth is one of the Ancient Power, the Super Powers.
Whenever you speak the true, you awaken to break through.
Whenever you speak the true, you awaken to break through.
Break through the illusions.
Break through the illusions of what is new.
The true is a the new. The new is the true.
The true passion for fulfilment of many spectrums of multinational & diverse energetic choice connection to bring the truth of the new (time).
A true passion for love is another Ancient super power to break through dimension into higher frequency existence. The holding of the physical transcending into the heavens.
A true vision directs the process and processing forward.
True Vision is revealed in open heart for open heart.
Inter dimensional communication skills grow in value, highly developed individuals assist many to develop inter dimensional, multidimensional communication coherency, coexistence through showering of the light heavenly dimensions for the benefit of evolving the human mind.
Step out and away from the doubt by bringing yourself into cohesion, into coherent vision with those aligned with the vision. Make no division for the vision. Unify the vision. Highly
accelerative, accelerated pronunciation of the human resource word spoken becomes a resource of higher upgraded way of existing. Consciousness of blissfulness is to be shared on a planet and international scale. We are bringing, bridging the Consciousness of Bliss. So you may well all exist within, with, in the cosmic abundantly available Bliss.
We are streaming. We are beaming higher frequencies into the Earth. Come and join to collect the golden shower of the Universe projecting your very well upgraded projection of yourself thus projection of your human reality the human perception is being altered into higher divine state, asset of divinity. Breathe.
We are coexisting in the cosmos spectrum as a unique constellation of consciousness to be represented by a small percentage of the human race at this time expressing the grace.
The Dragon powers stand by. Withdraw from the community of nonshalant behaviour and step into higher realms of certain setting up forming strong bonds and circles of community highly evolved dedicated serving, manoeuvring, awakening loving opening new potentials and new realities on Earth available to many through constant upgrades and participation.
Magnetic force is irresistible. Consciousness of pure manifestation powers in order to manifest from the true, truest blissful point of existence one needs to become purified on the many levels of existence. This often involves being removed for long periods from the social engagements and polluted behaviours for in order for divinity to grow truly in one’s soul a different environment is provided upon request, protected, acknowledged, respected divinity care.