Intimacy, Love, Magic

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Intimacy is a very precious energy and can surely lead to develop into home forming union. On the other side it helps to find the home within yourself. The sacral chakra is the home of the soul. When that space is unlocked you feel you have found home and your true self. This is why men love ‘getting there’. Whether conscious or usually not, it’s a race for the masculine to also feel home and nourished. The magic switch is there for those who dare and embrace with an equal share. The share of affection, tenderness and protection. Playing with the intimate energies is powerful when understood and respected. If not, it can be like opening electricity cable connections and leaving them open wgerewhere. The wherever reflects on how the partners treat each other. If treated as ‘whatever/whenever’ it leads to wasting of potent energy. Those who choose to honour and understand better the connection  between the physical union and spiritual dimensions stand in opportunity to open potent portals of sacred knowledge and new cycles of creation for many to step through. Sex, magic and power have been known for its intersecting connections for millennias. Currently humanity is coming to broader understanding and joyful participating in the sacred dance of the Universe, connecting heavens and Earth through the sacred physical Union. Through the physical bond a new level of reality is reached. The process is not automatic though. It requires advanced spiritual awareness, conscious participation and openness to the truth. When one has reached truth within himself it will naturally bounce to those who are energetically aligned and congruent. Such coming serves a collective purpose encompassing globally and opening realities of love for many to step into. Together we are creating the new Human Race – the Love Race.