Hypnosis ? Meditation ? Emoting ? Consciousness ?

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Is there any real palpable evidence and practical application of these for personal growth, a better life, a more meaningful way of being, an enriched experience of everything?
The answer is always YES and much more.
How can such syncretism be?
Only because these are the most transformational life giving tools.
They are as essential as the difference in between breathing and not breathing.
Will you live a life that is not lived fully?
Most of us do. And that’s alright. But if you are curious for more take this in..
This is not a copy pasted message. It is a message lived fully! Fully experienced and integrated as it follows:
The Consciousness “meter” is: Can you hold a thought still for 1 minute. Can you keep your minds eye focused on one image for 1 minute. Can you hold peace or joy within your heart for one minute?
For one meter..
Time is Space. Space is Consciousness. Consciousness is Love. Love is Understanding. Understanding from an experiential perspective is Compassion.
Mind is everywhere. Everything we perceive and sense with our limited sensory tools is mind. Mind is not only thoughts and it is not limited to what is perceived at the brain level.
Everything is energy. Everything is mind. You are mind, I am mind, the objects around, the city or landscape around together with this whole planet and the universe itself is mind. It is all energy. It is all mind.
Energy can never be destroyed. It can only change form and transform. The same is true for the mind, for our thoughts, for our feelings and senses..
What lays beyond our senses can be perceived as well with a lot of consciousness expansion and compassion.
We are physically polarised. The brain is the positive pole and the heart is the negative pole.
The heart is the receptor and the brain is the transmitter.
The brain is only a receptor of the thought. Thoughts gravitate all around us. We are surrounded by thoughts all of the time. Thoughts are looking for a matching frequency vibration to enfold.
The heart is what attracts the specific thought one may perceive at any time. .
Ever found yourself in a really crapy mode, waking yourself up to sensing “These are not my thoughts” or “Who’s voice was that I was speaking in?” or “..that was speaking in my head?” ? ?
There will always be negative thoughts and emotions around and we are not to destroy them but transcend them.
We can elevate ourselves above them.
There are specific tools older than time that to this day guide and enable us to prevail and surface above our lowest self.
The more we emote high frequency feelings of compassion, love, care, admiration, gratitude, consideration, intuition, affection, tenderness, gentleness or pure peace, the more we go above and higher in frequency.
In this emotional space negative thoughts cannot reach us. They can reach those far from us that do not work on their selves. . but they can never reach us personally.
Remember – we personally cannot build too much into other peoples realities. This is actually a blessing.
The one tool for elevation that is fastest and easiest:
Hypnosis is the best in terms of immediate response and effectiveness. We are forever in Hypnotic Trance. There is never one time in our lives when we are not in Hypnotic Trance. What does it mean? The brain is set up to function in waves. Which determine the Brain Modes.
Brain waves
Delta wave – (0.2 – 3 Hz)
Theta wave – (4 – 7 Hz)
Alpha wave – (8 – 13 Hz)
Mu wave – (7.5 – 12.5 Hz)
SMR wave – (12.5 – 15.5 Hz)
Beta wave – (16 – 31 Hz)
Gamma wave – (32 – 100 Hz)
Whatever brain mode we can find ourselves it’s only another type of trance.
Being in trance is being in hypnosis. Being guided in a trance is gold!
I will present it at the end.
Emotional balance – where we conjure a peaceful mode, by breathing, by evoking a positive thought after another until our hearts clear up and filter out the cluttered emotions that may have been there. Breathing and physical exercise always have a positive effect and outcome.
A creative and recreational activity also elevates the emotional body.
Meditation – where under the guided help and depending on the practitioner .. we find ourselves taken on a journey of ever expanding higher states of peace and higher understanding. Learning all that we don’t know of ourselves and implicitly everything that is around us. Also things that are beyond our senses.
With meditation the number of senses can increase. There are as little as 376 senses to a human that can be opened and anchored.
Meditation is something we can play with on our own and go on the journey where we let ourselves go into the higher mind, the higher self will guid us and some people call it The Source, The Creator, God, Angels and so on.. Depending on how long one practices and explores they will find all these names to be true at any point of their development.
They are there and will give a guidance that is structured by them and not at our own will, unless directly addressed and asked for.
People have stoped believing in that which they cannot see or define.
There is no name for it because it has all names, forms, shapes and sizes but none at the same time, it is eternal, infinite as it is non physical and non local, non dimensional.
Beyond the 12+1 dimensions of existence there is the inconceivable.. The Prime Creator. which in a physical for or way will be way beyond us. These are all fun to conceptualise, perceive and explore.
Returning to practical benefits..
Hypnosis is the best starter set of tools to get us unstuck or unclenched from repetitive, negative modes of thinking and behaving and living experiences that are detrimental to our development.
There are many times we find ourselves caught up in some type of cycle that we disagree with. Why?
Our emotional receptor has brought it into manifestation.
Hypnosis is a valuable guide towards the lighter and brighter side of life. I find myself skilled enough to say I have clients shift completely out of their patterns and routines.
Hypnosis is the ultimate, most powerful tool for transformation!
Sometimes it is instantaneous for others it will take time.
But for me it is the most important thing that can ever be.
If I do not give myself time, who will … ?
I have transformed my whole life into a meditation and self hypnosis guidance and practice.
I have come from a place where I could not see what purpose I may have and quite disliked myself generally, to the point of not feeling worthy to even live.
Now there is always a better newer me a fresher joy surfacing that I get to love more and to feel loved more and sharing this with the world is only happiness and a blessing.
I invite you to do the same.
Feel nominated
Endless Blessings

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