Honouring – Connecting with the sense of Honour

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Honouring resides in the core of us, in the core of our internal value and structure. Honouring allows more Peace, Stability and a Structure which serves and supports our evolution and can contribute to enormous progress.
How is it that we meet some people and we feel an immense respect for them?

Honouring comes from within. It comes from a deep feeling permeating the core of who we are. It comes from a deep understanding and connection with the divine. Honouring is a powerful energy. It is very nourishing. It nourishes the confidence within us. Therefore it must be coming from a very deep place… From the root of our origins.

How can we honour the root of our origins if we do not know them or have forgotten them? And where do we look for the root of our origins? By going to Ancient Sites, by allocating time to contemplate the history and spending time at museums.

That which we connect with and awaken opens a path in our Awareness. It may seem like it is our imagination, yet even if so subtle, it is correct. At times some people may have strong reactions at the sites. It is the power of having grasped how far they moved from who they were to who they are now. In some cases there have been unresolved past issues and the feeling has been so strong that some made a wish to not return; the wound has been delicate for centuries and lifetimes. Again, that has to be healed and understood so the trapped emotions can be released and the soul can be freed from the illusion of pain and separation. This often happens once the souls start entering into more positive life experiences together with the collective. It naturally has become lighter and more capable and willing to look at the past. As the collective shifts so does each individual experience. It can be compared to a post injury adjustment. Once we become stronger we can deal with lifting more. This Awareness can be very elusive. Therefore it is our role to nourish it, to make space to remember. This serves a role in awakening, nourishing and carrying those qualities in the human evolution.

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