FEEL BLISS – Creative Power of Movement – Sound – Imagination

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Creative Power of Movement – Sound – Imagination

Activate Your Inner Bliss & Fill Up Your Inner Bliss
1-1,5 hour group meeting class

The Bliss exists within and of what it consists. Through Monika’s creative tools you will activate your Inner Bliss.
Through the power of movement, sound and guided inner story you are taken on a journey through the layers of your subconscious mind to tap into the irresistible blissful flow. This resource has always been available to you and now you discover the power of guidance to take you into one of the most enjoyable doors of your soul.

The first part of the class invites you to experience the power of gentle body movement, laughter and sound instructions which act as invitation for your joyful expression to reveal its beauty. Your shyness is welcomed and your hesitation becomes redundant as you open to a natural, pure way of being and allowing yourself to feel the moments according to what your body intuition directs.

Once we open the gate into the ‘Garden Of Bliss’, we follow with the middle part of the class where you are guided to experience a pleasant and deeply relaxing mind journey with visualisation. Here, you enter to open different doors of your soul’s Joy, Bliss and Love. As you open to the gift of your own imagination, the inner guidance, empowerment and ideas flow effortlessly.

The final stage of the class integrates the gifts received during the opening and deepened journey. Here the unified field of openness and acceptance permits you deeply with deep inner embrace. Now you know you are filling yourself from within and as yo progress your inner capacity can overflow to share abundantly with the world.