Entering into the gateways of Egypt

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Egypt welcomed me gently and in assurance.

When I was first and repeatedly told I should go to Egypt, I thought it was nice and warm there so it would be good for everyone, but did not make much of it. When I finally went, I found home for my Soul. My Higher Self gave me many messages and insights yet I did not understand them fully at that time. I greatly enjoyed being there and awakening.

I went again. I participated in super mediations and super energy work, super activations, portals of light, star gates, inter-dimensional gateways. my Higher Self had perfect circumstances to merge, communicate and flow. I was bathing in the realities of Profound Peace and Stillness invoking Isis, Hathor, Aten, Akhenaten – fully awakened advanced consciousness of Atlantis. The profound experience in one of the tombs at the ancient site of Akhenaten changed the dynamics of everything beyond.

I continued the search. I travelled to Egypt again and again. Each time I went, things seemed to be arranged for me. Each time Egypt welcomed me graciously and awakened the beyond. Several and intensive alignment events finally opened the vision. I was able to see interdimensional light with open eyes. I wept. I was happy beyond all belief.

I stayed in search of the light I felt and finally was able to see with my eyes.

I went there again and again to awaken to more truth, to profound experiences, but also amusing initiations. Egypt revealed the knowledge beyond. I was given the keys. I was given life time tasks. Each time I have been gifted an incredibly magical journey.

I will be going there again and again and you are invited to join me.

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