Double Window Alignment at Oracle Temple of Amun

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Double Window Alignment at Oracle Temple of Amun – Siwa / Sahara / Egypt 5 October 2015
By Alberto Bellu, Consciousness Editing

Sharing the light and blessed experiences from a place dedicated specifically to light.
The Oracle temple of Amon.

The invernal equinox is much hotter in Siwa than the one in spring. I have found Egypt to be somehow fresher.. Maybe it’s a beginning of rain season. In Siwa there’s no such thing as rain. However I found the one day where there are clouds. It’s the day that delineates the hot season from the cooler one. The lights and sunsets are spectacular.

As I was in Kenya to witness the last of Blood Moon cycle that took place this 28 September, I have missed the first Timasirayn Temple. I’ll project myself in the day so that it may become now again. There are 3 days of double window alignment. But only one where the Sun traverses the two windows perfectly right through the centre of both windows.

It is 2 of October 2015. Me and Monika decide to have a swim in the luxurious salty lakes. They glow with turquoise crystal 95% salt water and from within them, the violet rays of the sun become visible as the sky is purple, ending in shades of pink that seem to come from far beyond the horizon.. This must be the floatiest water I have ever swam into. It sustains every movement and one can only do but float. I decide to let myself drift in this salt liquid. The moments begin to expand into an inspiration flow of never-ending beauty. I could spend here forever. This was not premeditated, but it appears to be very alkalizing. I feel so alkaline now, I could shoot lightning from my hands. So much tingle!
The salt crystal clusters of the water edge or the water bed, as everything around is only salt, have the most particular formations. Monika breaks a big chunk and turns it showing me. The salt stratified in shape of cubes. Big, small, all possible fractal cubes. It is truly unimaginably beautiful and such a treat to have this possible! Swimming in this purely undiluted Root Chakra energy in Siwa. I have recharged my batteries on many levels now. As the night falls I realise my eyes see more clearly beyond the veils of this world. With my eyes opened tonight a magnificent vision of the 64 tetrahedron vision comes. It’s not a dream. It’s right above me and in front of me. And somehow I am in it as I see it from within as well. It’s crystal clear transparent and seems to be made from a gaseous, water, but air and energy, coming from nowhere with the intention to shift me into the new day. I say OK, but then the contemplation upon it fades as on each side, another aspect of life stories that I can’t recall as mine, begin to be projected, so this will distract my mind enough to fall into this deep sleep…

The relevance of this story is that the Double Window Alignment at the Oracle temple of Amon is not happening on the 5th of October only. No no, We are prepared here. Bathed and in new grounding energy of the Root Chakra. A blessing from the Earth. I have been shown where the Root Chakra is at this moment perhaps? How could this be? It simply happens that the Earth is talking to us all the time. Gradually intuitions and visions start to flow more lightly. The 4 October we walk up Andrere Amellal Mountain. All my panic attacks of vertigo come out and eventually dissipate into the heat of the suns corona. Up on the roof of Andrere we found a touching heart formation made of stones. It was put there to guard a fire. So around it made another larger one to make it visible aerially. Further on I discover this circle stone formation with a cross in the middle. More signs of fires around. The mountain top is not at all a tourist attraction or a very visited place. Quite the contrary. Siwa is in all a virgin land. Not very much exposed to tourists, but exposed enough to have some people talking in english and exploring this heaven where Alexander the Great has found his peace and perhaps.. his ever after peace.
The 5th of October finds us on time at the gates of the Oracle Temple of Amon. The sun shines beautifully for us. A little boy is selling these super fancy, hand made fans in hexagonal shape, looking like a spider web. I take 2 quickly, forgetting to deal with him about them as he was asking to little for how time consuming the beauty of these fans can be..
So now we can proceed through the gates, under the protection of the great Mother Spider Goddess (the great builder of the threads of consciousness and Universe thrown upon us) or Egyptian Goddess Neith (spinner and waver of destiny), from the Great Fly God (a destructive facet of the Lower Realms). We further go up the stairs in great awe. There are people joining as Dustin is telling the tale of discovery of this Alignment.

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