DNA Nourishment Breakthrough. Becoming Quantum and activating extra layers of DNA. What does it mean on a practical level of every day life?

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I am sharing about my alkaline journey and DNA Nourishment Breakthrough

Suddenly some shell has cracked somewhere deep and a new level of DNA awareness has been awakened. In a way it was not all that new. I have been in this awareness before yet this time it was brought into a totally new and more expansive level. It was more playful, more distinctive, with clear and sharp strong messages, actually tones of them at once.

It was as if suddenly a big switch was turned on. It was a switch of nourishment. It was not a sequence of information download like other times. It was as if I was put into a barrel of knowledge, an amour of nourishing, and I was carrying this barrel with me and in me. I was it. I started to feel I am the knowledge and that the knowledge is naturally switched on and imprinted in me. Even more, it felt like it was always there and now I have joined from some lack of nourishment undergrounds. And I had previously thought I was pretty good in what I chose to eat. Now this felt like an old school. It was not anymore about what I read, heard or was told is good for A, B, C. It was feeling it and knowing it from inside as if I have done tons of studies while I never did any.

I was being guided to study about nutrition for a while however I did not find appealing to read 3D text neither I had a confidence that modern nutrient science would accommodate my most unusual food sensitivity. My diet and food life style was nothing of the classical while my Leo stubbornness to follow the guidance and study nutrition was exquisite.

But that one day something very unusual happened. I had many unusual days in my life but this one was something different. Suddenly my food intuition got a rocket kick. I found myself walking between the supermarkets vegetable section feeling the vegetables and what they are good for. I just knew I need a raw green celery for certain chromosome structure and cauliflower for another cell rebuilding. I just knew the ingredients I needed while I did not have a particular recipe to follow. The recipe was being made in my mind as if it was being downloaded into or from my imagination.

I did not follow any chef books since I become vegan as this was quite a few years ago and I was being guided through Quantum Hypnosis sessions and channeled information about the changes I needed to implement. My body was quite in tune with what it was happy to accept or reject. I can surely see there are many great vegan books now however reading them and following at the time felt like an effort. I learn to be very creative with making food while living in London and undergoing the food and quantum shifting preparation since 2013. I love to keep things simple since food preparation takes lots of time already. I would buy what was available at the local shops and markets going for what looked and smelled good. I would mixed it creatively and intuitively. Having turned into alkaline vegan while the term was not known in classical restaurants did not give much choice but eat well what you prepare. So I did.

Now, it felt as if the existing intuition climbed somewhat 7 steps higher than ever. It felt as if things in my body were communicating to me what they needed. It felt as if the chromosome got into the front stage and spoke to my brain and the brain picked upped the message as if it was a friend calling to tell me. It felt super clear and good.

I was already juicing the celery sticks for weeks but this time I felt to eat it raw. My body went through many different shifts over the recent years refusing or craving certain foods according to energy fluctuations, locations and seasons as well as my discipline. .

Now it felt as if a massive bubble of nourishment was put around me with all different software in it sending me impulses as if my head was plugged into a computer system and it was the nourishment operating system.
It was not just about nourishment from the food nutrient. It was as if having a magic wand but really a big bubble around me which was radiating information to everything saying nourishment and bombarding everything around with a nourishment as if a grand snowflake landing.

Not only that. I felt as if any other habits were gone for good. I felt nourished and with this many other impulses just vanished. I had a sense that my food and eating life suddenly got well organised as if all I needed to know was in place and anything I needed would be given exactly when needed and appropriate.

I found myself living fully in the moment and it was a moment filled with nourishment. This very nourishment was projected to every area of life. I knew that from now on while dealing with people I was able to nourish them just by being. I knew that in order to carry a nourishing energy to achieve anything I had to maintain the level of nourishment so all my energetic parts were nourished well so they could function well. I knew that if everything was nourished then all would be in harmony and there would be no space for any malfunctions in any part at all. I simply knew that if I apply nourishment as an intention inspired action, then this has capacity to nourish absolutely everything.

Eating was not just about correct nutrient. I saw that nutrient on its own has nowhere near the power it has when we apply correct positive intention.

There is an old saying I remember from growing up in Poland which was: “Do not cook if you are angry as you will poison your family”. It would be interesting to see if any food lovers of a TV chef series with Gordon Ramsey known for his swearing and shouting in the kitchen over the prepared food, felt his rather far from fairy tale, fiery passion for perfection on the plates. But maybe he has changes since then. This I do not know. I am happy if those who had his meals can comment below.