Beauty Confidence – Empowering Your Truest Beauty – Live Life Beautifully with Hypno-Beauty sessions

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Empower Your Truest Beauty

Live Life Beautifully with Hypno-Beauty sessions

Feel – Believe – Be – Beautiful
Naturally & Effortlessly

Beauty is a power coherent frequency and we all have it. Beauty loves attended attention and care.
Hypo-Beauty sessions focus on bringing your natural beauty into the forefront.
During a gentle hypnotic session layers of misconceptions and illusions are being melt and new positive believes are being built.

Beauty is confidence
Beauty is acceptance
Beauty is increasing your luck
Beauty is nourishing
Beauty is an outstanding opportunity
Beauty is health
Beauty is vitality
Beauty is wealth
Beauty is self fulfilment
Beauty is harmony
Beauty is bounty
Beauty is nourishing
Beauty is care
Beauty is acknowledgement
Beauty is your unique expression shining bright

Restore your natural Inner Beauty Radiance.
Remove un-coherent frequencies such as fears and limiting patterns.
Bring more flow and vitality to your life.

When you operate from the beauty frequency, you spread it around lie a blanket of harmony and gentleness. You may recall the days when for no particular reasons you felt beautiful and noticed people were starring at you more than usually and you got more smiles than other day. I want you to know that it is possible to have it every day of your life.

How many of you do not post pictures of yourself or videos just because you are convincing yourself that you aren’t looking beautiful. While the truth is that deep down you know you can be and feel beautiful but for some strange reason it is not now. I want to take you to bringing you beauty into every moment of your life. You can take action towards eliminating the inner sabotages and untruths about your beauty. So often we look for a confirmation of our beauty and value in the external world while the greatest power is to discover and strengthen the inner beauty from inside. Hypo-Beauty sessions offer a gentle yet powerful way to activate your inner ‘Beauty Gear’.
In Hypo-Beauty sessions we eliminate any fears which keep you from shining your beauty confidently.
One of the often issues is the fear of being critsized. We address it including the inner criticism and eliminate it so positive inner self talk can manifest. The results are often instantaneous
The programme works on resolving energy blocks which may hold your beauty frequency to flow naturally. This results positively to many levels of your life as it brings you to feeling more energetic, more inspired leading to having a more positive and optimistic outlook on the future.

Hypno-Beauty package: 6 individual 1on1 sessions, 1 hour each. Sessions are available in London Kensington and Mayfair.

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