Activate Ancient Super Powers – Power to You – WEBINAR mini course

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Activating Ancient Super Powers
Power To You!

On line webinar mini course.
4 Zoom meetings weekly.
Every Tuesday 8pm-9.30pm UK time.
The first 6 signs up recipes a complimentary session gift.

Your Lift to Everything – Co-creataing with the Universe during the Equinox Peak Energy Time.

Introductory 4 part course with energetic alignments, channellings and high frequency energy transmissions to power up your Dreams and Destiny.

Discover the energy of Ancient Light Technologies to shift any area of your life by discovering your natural and unique hidden abilities. Join to be showered be amazing energies, knowledge and open to your dream potentials. Experience and learn practical tools to enrich and empower your life and open new opportunities.

Everything is energy and energy opens everything. By joining the course you commit to growing your energy and thus your opportunities. Energy is a power and you can grow it.

Do you feel calling to find something new within? Do you recognise yourself as a Highly Sensitive, Empathic and Creative Soul?

Many people experience spontaneous activations of Ancient Super Connections. This happens by design. You are invited to a nourishing portal to discover and nourish your true path and super gifts. Once recognised they can grow into super powers with a potential to propel you into greatest success, happiness and abundance.

“Activating Ancient Super Powers” is a supportive on line gathering to grow your energy. From the first meeting, you will experience entering into balancing & nurturing frequencies to support your personal journey towards nourishing and evolving your gifts, talents and dreams. In the space of deep self Love natural deep knowing overflows. Your most Sacred Gifts become activated and in operation when you are in inner balance and harmony.

Join to nourish your love space to where you invite and honour your most extraordinary talents and discover Ancient Super Powers. If you use them already, this circle will add energy and value to your purpose where you may receive downloads of ideas to pursue. If you have just started connecting with your gifts, you will be given light guided road to enter the path of delivering them. You will bring yourself to understanding the deep meaning and significance of your gifts. Your gifts are your superpowers. Every person holds a super potential and the very fact that you are reading this signifies your connection and guidance.

When you enter into Unified Intention, you magnify the collective energy of the group and power up the speed of discovery and manifestation. Excellence is an energy we all can attain while being in a state of balance and harmony. It is easier to reach those states in a dedicated group energy experience.

Each meeting will be a rich frequency connection with activating life transmissions, direct channelling experience of higher dimensional knowledge. Each meeting will deepen your spiritual practice and infuse your life with a positive light energy. You will receive Mind upgrades and Heart opening energies to take you on a magical journey of discovery through Ancient Stories.

We will have allocated time for Q&A.

Special Introductory offer: £101 (later course will be available at £404)
Post session recording included.


About Monika:
Monika Sleszynska is a channeller and energy activator of new potentials working with Ancient Egyptian Light Technologies bringing knowledge, love and power cosmic flow.

Join this exciting webinar course.
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What others say about Monika’s work?
“If you want to experience the treasure of Ancient Egypt, you will find no more dedicate guide than Monika”. MB, London.
“Quite extraordinary. I would recommend Monika’s method of working. It has gentle but far reaching effect”. Amanda, Holistic Practitioner.
“I was amazed by the rapid changed that occurred”. MM, Business Analyst.
“Monika is the most powerful energy and most beautiful soul I have met. Since I have met her – not long time ago- my whole energy started to shift. That shift I could feel coming finally took place.
Monika has been for me that powerful energy channel I was needing. Her calmness, her warmth and kindness made me feel comfortable since the very beginning. Thank you Monika!” Elisa. London

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